Why use FL.EMS-careers.com?

If your EMS organization needs to recruit, hire, and retain EMTs and Paramedics in the state of Florida, then this site is for you. FL.EMS-careers.com is a joint project between the FLorida Department of Health and Avesta, a highly experienced recruitment company that specializes in Emergency Medical Services personnel. This pairing occurred to help EMS, Fire Rescue, Aeromedical Services and other organizations in Florida combat the EMT/Paramedic shortages that organizations are experiencing across the country.

Paramedics getting off truck

How does FL.EMS-careers.com work?

This is the only site of its kind in the country. EMS-careers.com is dedicated to recruiting job seekers not currently in EMS into the EMS industry, helping them find local resources to get trained, and engaging mentor organizations (that's you!) to help with employment once certified.

FL.EMS-careers.com will target current EMS professionals across the country, driving traffic to Florida and expanding your potential applicant pool.

How do I sign my EMS organization up?

Once you register for the service, your EMS jobs can be posted here. There are no contracts to sign and you can opt out at any time. The site can accept an XML feed from your Applicant Tracking System, directing applicants to your job board; or we will set you up with login credentials to post your jobs here. To get started, or for more information, please contact Heather Yates at (352) 249-2712.